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  • Apple Stainless Steel Home Button Paster-Gray

    Apple Stainless Steel Home Button Paster-Gray


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    Others Accessories, This creative accessor is designed for Apple devices Original design derived from renowned brand of "Cross-Line" Made of high class stainless steel material same with authetic Apple iPhone series product All metal construction and CNC machining to built it a strong body and unusual outline The round metal button sticker fits nicely with a little added high in order to facilitate your each touch to the home key All things are coin has its two sides, the little higher of the button paster also cause wrong press if keep it under tight condition The adhesive bottom of this sticker made of excellent gel, which won\'t leave residuary mark when remove it away.

  • Big Rabbit Touchscreen Gloves For All Smart Devices-Gray

    Big Rabbit Touchscreen Gloves For All Smart Devices-Gray


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    Others Accessories, The cute rabbit gloves looks ordinary, but have special function This is a magic and unusual gloves, with advanced conductive technology on the fingertips of thumb, pointer finger and middle finger respectively Made of soft fluffy material The other fingers are unable to touch the screen Cute rabbit gloves specially suitable for girls Allow wearers to use touchscreen devices while keeping their hands warm Touchscreen gloves have silicone beads on the palms and fingertips for added control and grip They fit perfectly to your fingers providing accuracy and breathability Have it in chill winter, don\'t be afraid of cold any longer.