Why Choose iWOWCase for your iPhone Cases?

iWOWCase is a leading provider of cooliPhone Cases, Samsung Case, Cases for iPad and is continuously developing cool accessories for more devices.
iWOWCase focus investing in providing creative quality iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 4 / 4S Cases and iPad Cases products to enhance and protect your beloved devices.
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The phone case is one of the important accessories we need to protect our phone. So, here i offer you a step by step guide that shows all about phone cases.

First, what we should concern for when choosing phone case is the material. It’s said that silicone case is better than plastic phone cases because silicone can absorb some impacts and will not break phone screen easily.

Second, phone cases should be slim and light as phone case can increase phone’s weight by several grams. I’ve used iPhone 6 plus phone before and if i put the phone with its silicone case on purse or pocket, it will make my butt painful when walking. So choose phone case that is slim and light is important.

Third, phone cases should protect phone in all directions and phone case can be a good way of phone protection. But when choosing phone case, we must pay attention to phone’s buttons because many phone cases will block phone’s buttons if it has bad design or the button position doesn’t match with phone case. And there also phone cases that have holes for phone’s buttons.

Fourth, phone case should be easy to install and remove . If someone has phone case on phone and he is not good at taking phone out of phone case, then he must buy a phone case that’s convenient to install or remove. And design phone cases can also make your life more convenient.

Fifth, phone case should be beautiful . If we look at phone case as phone decoration, then phone case’s design is very important. But if phone case will damage phone during the process of using it, the phone case that has poor design actually can break phone. So choose design phone cases with good material and pay attention to phone’s buttons and phone case should be beautiful .

Sixth, phone cases should have different colors so that phone cases can match phone’s color. But when choosing phone case color, we must look at phone case’s material because some phone cases will not be suitable for phone after several times of using.

Lastly, phone cases will protect phone better if phone case’s buttons are exactly the same as phone’s buttons.

What you need to know is that phone cases will give phone protection and phone cases can show phone’s personality, so choose phone case should be carefully done . What kind of phone cases do you like? Or what has your experience about phone cases been till now? If you have any ideas or phone cases that deserve to be known by other people, you can share phone cases in comments.

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Mike Lloyd
Denise Colon
Andy Guscott
I love how cute this looks, it almost looks like a hand crafted painting! Feels sturdy and fits nice on the 11. I really love the color and think it’s a wonderful case for the price.
Jane Bit

I like the floral pattern. It is pretty and artistic.
It fits my iPhone 11 nicely and is easy to handle.

Loyd Washington
this is such a cute detailed phone case and i love it. ive been using it for months and i get sooo many compliments! the only “complaint” i have is that its a little hard to put into your pocket, but other than that i LOVE this case!
Brigit Guscott