How to fix your water-damaged phone in 8 steps

Regardless of how wise your phone is, it doesn’t recognize just how to swim.

With all the exterior water tasks that go on during the summer season, maintaining your phone over water can be a challenging job. Extra cases are filed for tool water damages between June and August than any other part of the year– in 2019, Asurion saw an 80% boost in liquid-related insurance claims during the summertime.

The very best means to secure your phone from water damage prior to you avoid to the coastline or pool? Invest in a drifting water-proof phone pouch, like those made my MPOW or JOTO. It’s additionally a great concept to take steps to avoid your phone from overheating, as that can cause damages as well. But in case your phone does take the plunge, here are necessary pointers from our professionals that you’ll wish to know.

Steps to try to fix a water damaged smartphone

Right here’s exactly how to obtain water out of your phone:

  1. If your phone takes a spill, remove it from the liquid promptly. The longer it stays there, the even more fluid will leak into the split around your display or into various inlets.
  2. Turn the phone off and also leave it off.
  3. Get rid of the safety instance.
  4. When possible, open the back as well as eliminate the battery, SIM card, as well as microSD card.
  5. Make use of a cloth or paper towel to swab your phone completely dry. Do not rub the phone dry, because it could accidentally push liquid right into the phone’s extra delicate components. If the phone was totally submerged, you may attempt vacuuming around the phone’s cracks and openings to suck more water out.
  6. Withstand need to bake your phone in the sunlight. Keep it in an amazing, dry place.
  7. The old rice technique isn’t really reputable, but silica gel packets– like the ones that usually feature brand-new products such as a set of footwear– have shown to be much more efficient. Fill a plastic zip-top bag with silica gel and bury the phone in the bag. Leave your phone in the bag for at least 24-48 hrs.
  8. After you’ve allowed your phone to completely dry, change it on. If it doesn’t switch on right away, attempt charging it to see if that makes a distinction.

If your phone turns back on, terrific! Still, keep an eye on it over the next week or so, as sometimes particular functions won’t function the way they used to.

Does Asurion cover water damage?

While dropping your mobile phone into fluid normally nullifies the supplier’s guarantee immediately– several phones have signs that change shades when wet– that isn’t the case when it involves your mobile phone insurance coverage. If your phone is covered, you can file a claim at at any moment.

Phone water damage FAQs

How can you tell if your phone has water damage?

There are a couple of evident signs to try to find to verify water damage to your gadget:

  • Aesthetic presence of water or dissipation (or dried location markings) behind the display
  • Rust notes visible at ports
  • Blemished Fluid Damage Sign (LDI). The LDI is typically located in the earphone jack, battery compartment or SIM tray port. If your phone has water damage, the LDI will certainly appear red or maroon.

Does rice fix water-damaged phones?

According to Asurion technology experts– that get asked this concern often– placing your water-exposed tool in rice may soak up some wetness. However, it may likewise cause various other concerns for your phone, such as an introduction of dust and also completely dry starch (a rice byproduct) right into your phones cracks as well as holes. Rice might additionally potentially become lodged in your phone’s charging port or headphone jack, which can be extremely challenging to remove as rice swells when revealed to fluid.

Can you blow dry a water-damaged phone?

Blow drying your phone when it’s exposed to water is not advised. While it may remove some of the surface area moisture, it will do extremely little to get rid of the moisture from within your gadget. And also, the heat might do irreversible damages to your phone’s inner components.

How do you remove water from a charging port?

Here’s the steps to take to remove water from a phone’s charging port:​

  1. Shut off the tool.
  2. Take off the instance.
  3. Remove the battery (if you can).
  4. Clean down the gadget with a completely dry, absorbent towel.
  5. Surprise the excess liquid very carefully with pressed air or by thoroughly blowing on it.
  6. Let it sit there and also dry, with open ports facing down.
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